November 22, 2010

just some shoes

my shoes in the hallway looked kind of cool.
from left to right: aldo, thrifted, aldo, topman, aldo, gola, h&m, converse, too dark to see haha
alright so apparently i like aldo shoes a lot.

these are the ones that don't need styling or a mirror to know what they're gonna look like.
the complicated shoes get kept in the closet :p

once i finish up some papers and projects i'll be posting more! i've got a bunch of great new stuff to show!!

November 16, 2010

new sweaters from thrifting.

look it's me and my new sweaters!
i'll post more later, just thought i'd give a teaser.

November 11, 2010

new food adventure

so, i've seen a million pictures online of macarons and i decided it was time for me to try one. so on my way home one day i passed this cute bakery on laguardia and stopped in and found macarons. they were huge though, like 3 or 4 inches in diameter for sure. the pistachio was okay. i like the texture. i want to go back and try the raspberry.
and i got a red velvet cupcake just cuz it looked good. weird that it had a cherry though… it was really good though.


…i also may have stopped at mcdonalds and redeemed my free monopoly game medium fries and got a mcflurry. so overall, it was a delicious three-dessert meal.

November 6, 2010

sony piiq music contest :)

this was my "music inspired look."
hype me up so i can win some headphones! :)

and listen to the playlist that i made to go along with it!

sunglasses - chinatown
shirt - evil genius
pants - bdg
shoes - converse

November 3, 2010

trying out scarves…

it's getting cold but i don't wanna cramp my style with winter coats yet. so i decided i should try out a scarf.
i found this one in the coat closet at home in wisconsin and took it with me. i really like the design on it. no idea where it came from.

click on the black and white pic for a larger view and look at the cool pattern on the scarf!

it's hard to see my outfit but i'm wearing the gray sparkle & fade sweater that i wore here. my blazer is mm couture (and is really warm), levi shorts, and topman boots.