August 20, 2011

on alex: ralph lauren vintage sunglasses, helmut lang sweater, alexander wang bag, barney's boots. on me: helmut lang shirt, lacoste sweater, thrifted shorts, shoes, & bag

had an amazing shopping day at LF in soho and got food at antique garage!
more pics to come!
we're filming a film tonight… can't wait!

August 15, 2011

lolla video

check out this short vid i made of lollapalooza!

August 14, 2011


acne shirt, thrifted shoes

my last class of my summer class was on wednesday, but i've got one last paper to write that i'm finishing up today, on invasion of the bodysnatchers. only two weeks until i leave for paris! i can't believe it. alex gets back from LA today and so hopefully in these next few weeks i'll be doing a lot more fun creative things. i've got a few films to put together and more pics to take!

also… i still am in need of an apartment in paris. does anyone know of an apartment in paris that needs renting for the fall semester???

August 8, 2011


lollapalooza ended last night and it was by far our best three days of the summer so far! we interviews about 15 bands, took a ton of great pics, and somehow had time to see a ton of great shows too!

i'll post more photos later and a link to when the street style is posted :)

August 2, 2011


acne blazer, doctrine denim, vintage bag, allsaints boots

got this blazer at the opening ceremony sample sale! i love it! the bottom isn't hemmed but i actually really like how it looks. and these doctrine jeans are great. i found this bag at a great vintage store on 5th ave, which i got a lot of other amazing things at too. the bag was on sale and ended up only being like 20 dollars. amazing find. i've been needing a good purse for so long.

lots to do today but i'll post more later!!