June 28, 2011

paris photos

finally got back from paris a couple days ago with my friend emily. I was there for 10 days and instead of going home I decided to go to florence for a couple of days and then back to paris! Of course I missed nyc though…can't wait to go back for fashion week with les in september!


June 27, 2011

sunday - roof shoot

took some pics with anna and monika today on my rooftop, and i really liked this one. feels summery :)

June 21, 2011

tuesday - apartment photos

i was kind of inspired by the coveteur while taking these photos.

and here's a description for each one :)
1. my bed, with my new phone. these white sheets are getting way too dirty.
2. the last magazine with dried roses.
3. some polaroids.
4. this cup is the only remaining cup in a glass set i found at a thrift store near my cabin. the rest broke on the way to new york. next to it is a gold wallet that was my grandma's, and some flower clips from h&m on top of a polaroid of mike.
5. the owl on the left was my sister's that i took, and the one on the right is one i made. the statue of diana is something i got in greece when i was about 10, and somehow have kept ever since. i almost sold it in a garage sale, but then decided to keep it at the last minute.
6. i found this owl at the same thrift store that i got the glass cup at. it also broke on the way to new york but i superglued it back together. and i don't love many things more than those sunglasses.
7. these are the books on my nightstand, which include my planner, notebook, an art journal thing, and catcher in the rye, which was my moms from back in the day.
8. my favorite rag & bone shoes that alex gave me for my birthday. they might need a cleaning.
9. my chinatown fake raybans, along with an owl lamp that was my grandma's.
10. drew's framed golden girls photo with my sequin blazer.
11. the buddha statue greg brought from india for me, with a wooden peacock behind it, which maanasa got from india for me.
12. the two shoes i probably wear most. allsaints boots on the left and gola sneakers on the right.

June 14, 2011


urban outfitters tank, american apparel shorts

i realized i haven't posted in a week! i went to the opening ceremony sample sale on thursday which was a success, everything was 80% off so i got some great boots for really cheap! then I went to the hamptons for the weekend with some friends, which wasn't as much of a success. it was raining all weekend. and i brought all my cameras but no memory cards. i've been shooting film a little bit too so i'll post those when i develop them. i was sick on monday which was annoying cuz the weather was beautiful. also, my phone was stolen in the hamptons so that was no fun. luckily i had an upgrade available so a new phone wouldn't be $500, and i got a white iphone this morning.

alex comes back from france tomorrow so we'll post photos from her trip in the next few days!

also, check out this vid that was released today. perfect summer song!

June 7, 2011


helmut lang shirt, thrifted shorts, rag & bone shoes, zara men bag.

started back up at work today! it was hectic with all the resort shows coming in but good to be back. it was also SO hot today. even at 9am when i was on my way to work i was sweating through my clothes. these next few days might be rough. i also forgot to water my garden this morning so it was super dry and sad when i got home! but there were actually a few strawberries for me to eat! and i watered it all and then it was okay :)
this bag is actually my friend drew's, whose place i'm subletting. i'm in need of a new black bag so i used it for the pic. i may go find a similar one now. i love the a-wang rocco duffle but that's a bit out of my price range right now… any recommendations for good big black bags to get?

song of the day: how deep is your love - beegees

June 6, 2011

monday - strawberry plant!

top & skirt from urban outfitters

today i bought a strawberry plant! and a tomato plant and a cucumber plant, and i'm going to grow them on my roof all summer :) hopefully it goes well. still organizing my apartment. photos soon. trying to finish it up today but i doubt that will happen.
i went on a little thrifting excursion to look for a cute wooden box thing to put my new plants in, but instead i found a great a-wang tee-dress at my new fav thrift store that alex showed me in the east village :)
back to work tomorrow!

June 4, 2011


dress, shorts, & sweater: f21, boots: allsaints

i'm slowly but surely moving everything into my new apartment and getting things organized. I didnt have any scarves to hang on the scarf hooks on the wall so i hung up some jars, my lightbulb, and got some flowers to put inside. i really like how it turned out. I can't find my tripod mount yet, so taking pics is a little challenging, but here's the same outfit as before, which i love :)

June 2, 2011

thursday - back to new york

made it back to new york after another ridiculous day of traveling. our connecting flight was delayed like three hours, ontop of a three hour layover. so we played crossword puzzles and watched zoolander and got some nachos in the airport until our flight finally boarded.

today i'm organizing and moving everything into my friend's apartment that i'm subletting for the summer! it's a beautiful place and i can't wait to post pics!