November 29, 2011

video: inga

from the other week's shoot with inga.
hopefully shooting some more girls soon but i've been so busy lately…

November 25, 2011


NYU made up for the fact that we had classes on thanksgiving with a dinner for everyone at the restaurant on the eiffel tower. i have a ton of photos to go through from the past few weeks, but i've been catching up on all the sleep and work i missed out on while i was in new york, which was a hectic trip to say the least. it's good to be back in paris.

November 21, 2011

a few film photos from paris

i finally got a chance to get some film developed that's been sitting around for a while. i'm just finishing up a weekend in new york, and heading back to paris tomorrow for one last month there until my semester is over…

November 18, 2011

shoot - inga from elite paris

test shoot with inga from elite paris

November 10, 2011

prix de flore

last night jeremie dj'd for the prix de flore party at café de flore.