February 23, 2011


i had the day off today! it's the first day off i've had in weeks. so i cleaned, took some pics, but couldn't sleep in very late for some reason. i might nap in a bit.

i'm envious of everyone in london and going to milan and paris. i wish i could go! maybe next year :)

shirt: theorphansarms.com
buttondown: h&m
shoes: gola

February 21, 2011

shoot of mike on the fashionisto :)

i shot a video of mike during our photo shoot! make sure to watch it in HD!
and the shoot is up on the fashionisto, check it out here


you can get the music here! >> junkthemusic.bandcamp.com

February 18, 2011

springtime - 2/18

the weather has been amazinggg so i was walking home from school yesterday rather than taking the subway or bus, and of course that means i pass by all the stores, and stopped into h&m. i saw the movie blue valentine, and in it, michelle williams wore a really cute babydoll dress sort of thing (i think that's what the style is called) and it made me really want one. so of course what do i find, but a perfect one at h&m! along with a maxi skirt, a jacket on sale, and a soft buttondown.

billy and i ventured down into the financial district today and found a cute park to take some photos in :)

coat: h&m
glasses: 80spurple.com
dress: h&m
shoes: sam edelman
bag: billy's

fashion week roundup

ah! new york fashion week has ended, and i don't think i've been home during daylight hours the entire time.
when i wasn't in class, i was at vogue working on the website, getting previews and shows sized and ready and posted as quickly as possible, which actually went pretty smoothly for the most part. if you haven't been checking out vogue.com to see the runway shows, you really should. the candids and details that are posted with the shows are great.

anyway, my friend mike came into town on thursday night, and we caught up over sushi and went to a handful of fashion week parties. the tribeca grand party was amazing and i saw so many amazing clothes, and it pretty much made me hate my wardrobe. the mandy coon afterparty at bedlam was amazing as well.
mike and i also did a photoshoot, which i'll post online soon, but here's a sneak peak :)

i didn't get to go to any shows since i was either in class, at vogue, sleeping, or out, but i did peruse them all, and there are a few parts that i've been loving.

vera wang: the sheer pieces with the feathers and the bulky jackets, amazing.

alexander wang: bravo.

michael kors: this jacket. mmmm!

thakoon: the plaid! i love it.

the row: too elegant for my personal style, but oh my god, the fur!! and the men's look!

rag & bone: i loved the simple pieces.

of course marc jacobs: so different and i'm really impressed. i loved hamish's comment about it being cartoonish. very vintage cartoony.

for now, those are the ones that stood out to me. i'm sure there are more amazing standout pieces that i'm missing. my brain has been running on little to no sleep for the past two weeks, so that's what i have to work with :)
let me know what your favorite pieces/collections were!

i'm very excited to see the shows in the next few weeks!! i saw the acne collection while i was at work today, and it looks amazing, as always! very excited to see the show.

February 15, 2011

inspiration post 4/15

fashion week! i took some photos but need to get them developed! so for now, here's some inspiration :)