September 28, 2011

wednesday - limi feu show

today was the limi feu show! it was my first show here, and i never actually went to any shows in new york, so i guess it was my first real show ever. unless you count the kate spade & st john shows at scottsdale fashion week in arizona two years ago haha.

anyway, it was great! i didn't get too many photos of the clothes…i was too distracted by the amazing hair. but the whole show had a sort of 1970s-flight-attendant-meets-modern-crazy-yoko-ono feel to it. if only i owned an airline…
oh and also, the music was perfect. this was one of the songs. i felt like i was at a party the whole time.
alright well this was the worst review ever.


September 27, 2011


me and amy and some photos :)


September 22, 2011


real classes started this week… should be fun. lots of homework and reading though. daniel and i tried to do some homework over coffee today during our break between classes but somehow we both forgot our notebooks so we just enjoyed our coffee and took some photos. tomorrow as a school we're taking a day trip to the city of provins. we get a 6 course feast, so that lured us in. anyway, i finally found the karl lagerfeld coke bottles! and the daft punk one too. i'm keeping the bottles, they're too pretty.
also, i went thrifting the other day and found a fur coat!!! and it's perfect!! i might wait till fashion week to bust it out… but i'll definitely take some pics of it soon!!

got the dress in the photo from clubcouture and i love it :) and my sunglasses are from lollapalooza

September 21, 2011

behind the scenes pics from last week's shoot

daniel and i both took some behind the scenes shots during the shoot!
for the people who asked for photography tips, i hope this helps a little bit. my only real tip is to move around until you find the right angle.
(also i had a flash on my camera the whole time, not sure why. i didn't use it)
pics from the shoot here

September 17, 2011

happy birthday to alex my love!!

it's alex's birthday today! finally 20 years old :) :)
she's in new york celebrating!!!!

September 16, 2011

shoot - henna from ford

i did my first test shoot for ford models europe, of henna, who just moved to paris last week from finland.
i styled it, my friend allegra did the makeup, and my friend daniel assisted and took some behind the scenes shots which i'll post later!!

clothing credits (from top):
1 & 3-7. all vintage, & tom ford sunglasses
2 & 8. mango dress
9-12. alexander wang dress, h&m fur, opening ceremony heels
13-14. h&m sweater

September 13, 2011

test shoots, melon, and prosciutto

yesterday i had class then explored around boulevard st germain some more, and then realized i had a voicemail on my little french phone. it took me about 6 years to figure out how to check it, and then i was forced to set up a voicemail greeting or something, and then i finally got to the message. i couldn't figure out who it was, or who i'd given my number to. so i called back and it was ford models europe—i totally forgot i'd emailed them last week about doing test shoots of their models, since i got my class schedule and i actually randomly have a ton of free time. they wanted me to stop by, so i went to their office in the 2eme and met with a few people and now i'm going to be doing some test shoots of their girls soon!
i'm shooting one girl tomorrow, can't wait!

on the way home i grabbed some melon and prosciutto at a market.
so good.

September 12, 2011


saturday night i met up with katherin and leonie and we drank wine and ate fries under the eiffel tower. it was really fun. yesterday it rained so we just had a lazy day, then a little dinner party later on.

i'm sad i'm missing new york fashion week, but paris fashion week will be here soon enough! i've been looking at some of the collections on… i think jason wu's is my favorite so far. excited to see the rest :)

on me: anthropologie blazer, lace shorts from LF, free people t-shirt, vintage bag and shoes