January 30, 2011


I might be crazy for saying this, but it's getting warmer out! it's just above freezing today!

tank top: h&m
blazer: mm couture
pants: topshop
shoes: thrifted
sunglasses: 80spurple.com
bangle: Fox House - myfoxhouse.com

January 27, 2011


snow day today! no classes, which i'm a little sad about. my thursday class seems really fun and i want to start! throughout the semester we'll be making a fashion magazine as a class. sounds fun right?
anyway, i decided to channel jackie o today with this coat and these sunglasses!

also, i'm featured on http://www.thefashionbrewery.com today! go read my interview there :)

coat: thrifted, $12
sunglasses: 80spurple.com, $10
shoes: aldo
gloves: roommate's

new york winter film

new york winter from leslie k on Vimeo.

a film i made today. the snow was so pretty this morning.

January 23, 2011

billys birthday

what i'm wearing:
topshop shorts and tank top
aldo wedges
h&m sequin blazer

January 20, 2011


long day of working, bought a shirt at allsaints as a gift to myself for all the work i've put in during the last week! now all i have to do is finish up my application to study abroad in paris in the fall!

some photos of things in my apartment

shoes in bottom 4 photos from top:
jessica simpson pumps
topman combat boots
aldo wedges
h&m tennis shoes

what i'm wearing:
shirt & pants: allsaints
boots: zara
necklace: my grandma's

January 17, 2011


i got some new glasses finally! they're chanel from the denim collection which is strange. the case is awkward denim but whatever. today my roommate and i are going to go take some photos outside. i love my new room! the light is so great. and it's actually really big. luckily i've got nothing to do today because it's martin luther king day! but tomorrow i'll be back at vogue :)

i ran out of granola so for now it's crushed up special K on my yogurt.

and kara took these following pics for me :) i took some of her too. see her look here!

first look:
shirt: zara
blazer: h&m
pants: allsaints
shoes: steve madden
glasses: chanel

second look:
shirt: helmut lang
jacket: allsaints
pants: allsaints
shoes: gola
purse: vintage
i got bored and was feeling artistic and somewhat hipster, so i made this baby:

i found the fur coat i wanted. it was much out of my price range. too bad. maybe someday…

January 16, 2011


today is my day to get things done!

i started my internship at vogue this past week and it's going really well! i love it, and i have cool responsibilities that range from typical intern things like coffee runs and picking up & delivering packages, to actually having a say in things. like right now if you go to the site, i found and chose the red carpet photo at the top, and if you go to the aggregator page where it says all the new fashion news, i found the articles and wrote the little summaries :) i'll be working there 2 days a week, along with classes, which start next week!

i'm not enthused with the new vanity fair cover. i was hoping 2011 would be the year where j-biebs is no longer.
i started the day out with some coffee and oatmeal and now i'm gonna clean up my room and then go shopping! i have my eye on a fur coat in a thrift store in the village, but god knows how much it will cost. also i want some lace shorts. or knit shorts. we'll see. also i need a new purse. any suggestions on a good purse i should buy? right now i'm thinking alexander wang…

what i'm wearing:
sweater: urban1972.com
sunglasses: 80spurple.com
pants: topshop
shoes: aldo

new blog name!

i'm now le fur coat!
it's in honor of a fur coat i really want to get :) and i just like how it sounds.

ahhleslie is no more. it's been kind of confusing changing it with bloglovin and everything. it doesnt change over as easily as it should. oh well.

so i thought i'd let you know of the name change, and also you should follow lefurcoat on bloglovin! it's super easy. i just discovered it somehow. i was definitely out of the loop.

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