September 5, 2010

west village

today billy and i explored the west village a little bit. we mainly went to check out the marc jacobs store, but then stumbled upon magnolia bakery. i was under the impression the cupcakes were $1.75. but apparently the red velvet was $3.25… i could have bought a dumpling with that extra $1.50 i was not planning on spending! guess i will starve.

billy dancing in the street

he bought milk to go along with my cupcake, which was delicious.

tank top: h&m
jeans: citizens of humanity
shoes: sam edelman


Céline said...

Simple yet really nice outfit..

Gemma said...

i love that bakery, but it is overpriced.
a copycat of it has opened up in my town, and that too is ridiculous in price but also yummy!!

gem x

More than Mode said...

Yummy!! Magnolia's red velvet are the best!!!!
You look amazing!!

Tim said...

You should go to Sugar Sweet Sunshine in the Lower East Side. $1.50 cupcakes, better than Magnolia!


yep and there cupcakes are good but that price is so unnecessary lol anyway i love the lay back outfit very chic
and i love the blog

asya said...


I love your blog!
Have you seen the Vivvva iPhone app.
I think it can go well with your way of "catching the moment".
As a disclosure; I'm involved with this website, so I am very interested to see what you think.

BTW, I'm still for Magnolia

cla-sib said...

mmhm cupcakes are so delicious.. amazing and simple outfit, like the tee!

xoxo claudia

Stanley said...

Great look!
Casual and Chic<3

Anonymous said...

Hello!I love your blog and your style!
I was wondering what course/subject you do at your uni?

Andrea Desde el Trópico... said...

I found you on I love this look!

Rachael said...

These pics are so your blog!

Anonymous said...

Can you please do the first HYPE?

Emelie said...

OMG, i just read aout you in a swedish magazine, and I immediately went online to find your blog, Love it! You look great, and your pictures are absolutely wonderful. Would you mind telling us what camera or which cameras you use? Love taking pictures, but mine never look as good as yours. Do you chance them in any way before you post them? Especially this picture, , how do make it look like that? Amazing! Please, please share with us! Would man a lot!

selim köroglu said...

i like ur blog and follow hope u like my blog and u will follow to me

Henna @ AboutDivorce Blog said...

i like the sense of style in all the clothes, the pictures have come out clean and very good looking portraying the clothing very nicely for us to see, great job

Annie's Online Clothing said...

i really like the jeans and top your model is wearing along with the boots, the look so chic and stylish that i cannot tell how much, very good looking models, perfect for the dress

Annie said...

hi! can you say what camera you use? i love your pictures. you look wonderful

leslie k said...

emelie and annie - first, thanks :) and i use a canon rebel t1i with a 50mm 1.4 lens.
and emelie, in the denim&lace lookbook pic, i added some of the red tones in photoshop to it. but otherwise that's it. i think it's the 50mm lens that really makes the subjects pop :)


Gorgeous pictures and post!
Lovely blog!

Nathália Alves said...

Oh so nice this photos, love all photos off your blog, you're so cute girl !


Rosa&Carlotta said...

very nice!!

Ira said...

i looked through all your looks n i want to say that you remindes me Serena from Gosip Girl sooo much! :)
i like your stile

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