December 5, 2010

neck snuggle!

two things that make me nervous are 1. shopping online, and 2. scarves (which i think i talked about earlier haha)
but while checking out i found this circle scarf! since it's a scarf, it obviously will fit well (my problem with online shopping), and since it's circle, i don't have to worry about styling it. it looks really great with a coat i got from the site too, which i will post later! i've been so busy and haven't had any daylight hours to take pics!!
perfect perfect.

oh it's called a neck snuggle. even cuter. it's on sale too!
here it is:

shirt: topman


gebl├╝mt said...

Wie teuer war denn der Versand, wenn ich fragen darf :)

Anonymous said...

Well, hope you feel better about online shopping now :D Like the scarf on you, good deal!


Anonymous said...

Howwww do you style your hair like that? Do you tease it or use a product? It looks amazing!

Emily said...

circle scarves are amazing!

leslie k said...

haha in response to the hair question - i just throw it up in a messy bun… no product. no real technique. glad you like it :)

renerene said...

Love you blog and following you in bloglovin :)


You are welcome to visit my blog too:)

Maria Rodriguez said...

I want a scarf like that! :) you have a wonderful blog

Anonymous said...

I really like your lipcolor! is it a lipstick?)

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