March 12, 2011


last night i got to shoot the grand opening of the mondrian hotel. the night started out pretty horribly, because i lost my wallet on the way there. luckily someone picked it up and i got it back today, but i freaked out for a good hour, and on top of that, i've never experienced a rainstorm so violent, and by the time i got to the party i was soaking wet, because i lived way too close to take a taxi. but it got better quickly. there was a special performance by the kills which made me love them even more, and now i'm even more excited to see them play again on saturday night! there were a lot of fun people at the party, and lots of cool grungy clothes. i love those studded boots, and that leather tassel jacket. the afterparty was at Mr. H, which is part of the hotel, and which is where i took the photo of that amazing neon sign.

a few of my pics are up on vogue's party site :)


Amanda said...

I'm so jealous you got to see The Kills! I'm really hoping that they announce a tour date down here again. And ha, she's wearing that leopard print shirt of hers again :D

Anna said...

I want a fringe jacket!!!

Hannah said...

Those boots! It has now become my life's mission to get a pair just like them x

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