April 12, 2011

tuesday - cannes!!

topshop dress, chanel glasses, owl necklace was a gift from my sister, feather ring from f21, other ring vintage

i've been doing too much lately and finally got sick today. i caught up on sleep and did my laundry (possibly one of the reasons i'm sick? i feel like my feet get so dirty on my floor from the streets and then get in my bed and then i am in my bed…) i'm feeling a little better now. and i'm getting liquiteria food later too to cleanse!!

big news though! i'm probably going to cannes film festival!! my friend john's film got in and so i'm going to go along with him and shoot some street style and have a great time! just as long as i figure out my apartment situation, because i need to move out of my dorm right as cannes is happening.

does anyone know anyone who lives near cannes that would be able to house 2 of us for a few days? :) :)
we also are planning on being in paris for about 3 days too!

i got this dress at topshop's sale the other day and am so excited to wear it in france.


Adriana said...

the topshop dress is beautiful:)

Anonymous said...

two questions:
one, what camera did you use to shoot these photos?
and two what shutter speed and aperture did you use?
gorgeous btw!!1!

Anna said...

Well if I lived near Cannes I would have certainly helped you :P
Love the dress!

Jess F. said...

i have the same moleskine as you hahah

Tyna said...

cannes film festival? oh god, you are so lucky:))
great dress and rings!!.)

Caroline Weiler said...

Gorgeous red dress. Enjoy Cannes.


Alysa Tanya N. Galban said...

i love ^^

Sara said...

I really love this colour!!

Faye said...

I love your blog a lot. You have great style

Lindsay said...

hey just discovered your blog and flickr, and loooooove your photos!

fashionable palette said...

I just discovered your blog and I'm so happy that I did...it's full of beautiful inspiration! xx,

Rosa Rot said...

this dress is adorable. have fun in france ;)


s said...

beautiful dress ;D


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