July 31, 2011

sunday - some nyc photos

vintage levi shorts, vintage shoes, h&m top

alex and i went to the flaming lips show on friday at jones beach in long island and it was amazing! it was pouring rain and we got there an hour late, but luckily they didn't start till after we got there. it was actually a joint concert between flaming lips and weezer and i've never seen anything like it. they switched off every few songs and then they played a finale together. it was amazing. we also had no plan on how to get back to the city (about 45 minutes away) but we saw a coach bus in the parking lot, so we walked up and asked where it was going, and it was magically going back to the city! so we paid for a ticket and it turned out it was kind of a party bus… so it was a lot of fun!

we leave for lollapalooza on thursday! i set up interviews with some bands and i'll be taking street-style shots and making a little video for vogue.com of the event so look out for that next weekend! i'll try to post a link once it goes live on the site :)

i also stopped by the new BLK DNM store in soho and took a few pics of the place. i really like the feel of it. i think i want to start taking a bunch of pics of designer stores in new york and paris. their interiors are so great.

let me know if there are any great bands i should definitely see at lollapalooza!! :)



Anonymous said...

cool pics! so new york :D

Sarah said...

I want them white shorts and black booties!!


Anonymous said...

sounds like a great night!!
love your outfit :)
this might sound weird but could you sign off with your names so we know who's post it is

Noah said...

see lykke li definitely. she puts on an incredible show.

401 said...

I always love your photos and outfits.

leslie said...

thanks everyone! :) and yes, i'll start putting our names at the bottom. so far i think we've generally posted alex's name at the bottom of her posts, since i am the one who mainly posts things… but soon we're going to try to start incorporating her more, especially once i leave for paris and we'll both be posting!

and lykke li is definitely on our list to see! can't wait!

Luciana said...

Nice pics ;) And I like the look too..

Anonymous said...

sounds like a good time!

Anonymous said...

I would check out Explosions of the Sky, Ellie Goulding (she would probably be interesting for a fashion bit of some sort),Boy & Bear, and I shot Cage the Elephant once and their lead singer puts on a great show, fun to photograph. Mayer Hawthorne is also a pretty suave guy, pretty awesome to photograph I'd think.
Have fun :)

Christine said...

Ooh, what bands are you interviewing? That is amazingly cool.

I personally am excited to see Smith Westerns, Two Door Cinema Club (really love them), The Vaccines, Best Coast and Arctic Monkeys.

Joy said...

I love this. Everything looks awesome.

ada xoxo said...

i looooooooooooooooooooooooooove it !


Anonymous said...

I agree with someone above on two door cinema club - they were amazing at glasto this year, as were friendly fires and bright eyes. You have to see arctic monkeys too, so so jealous, i saw them back in the day at reading ahaha. Have an AMAZING time!

Anonymous said...

what gorgeous drinks! what's in them?!

Becky said...

Those drinks look soooo good!
I looove TDCC!

Clara Stryker said...

I love your style. It's simple, but with an edge.
Hope to see you at Lolla! I'm so excited! I leave on thursday as well. I'm taking the mega bus. Hope you and Alex have a blast in Chicago. It's one my favorite cities.

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