August 15, 2011

lolla video

check out this short vid i made of lollapalooza!


Lola said...

LOVE your blog! My and my sister have been going through your archives :) we both love it! xxxx

a. said...

great blog

Shervin Nassi said...

Nice meeting you the other day on the streets!
lets do a collabo blog post asap!

Juli said...

cool all those from you=)
by the you have any german siblings? because of your family name....sounds a little bit germam:)
love from germany
xoxo juli

Hanna said...

Love this!

aga said...

Perfect video,great music, I am just in love with it! Greetings!

I ▲M DEER said...

This video is perfect and lovely <3

Katie said...

lovely video! love the song too - what's it called?

kate oxox

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