September 28, 2011

wednesday - limi feu show

today was the limi feu show! it was my first show here, and i never actually went to any shows in new york, so i guess it was my first real show ever. unless you count the kate spade & st john shows at scottsdale fashion week in arizona two years ago haha.

anyway, it was great! i didn't get too many photos of the clothes…i was too distracted by the amazing hair. but the whole show had a sort of 1970s-flight-attendant-meets-modern-crazy-yoko-ono feel to it. if only i owned an airline…
oh and also, the music was perfect. this was one of the songs. i felt like i was at a party the whole time.
alright well this was the worst review ever.



Laura said...

I fall in love with your Blog!

Clara Stryker said...

The hairstyles are to die for!
Thanks for the song, loving it! So much fun!

Ps. love your blog <3

NatashaNicole said...

Gorgeous photos!! I esp loved the pink ponytail!! You have a lovely blog by the way :) xx the Garage Gypsy blog

debbiecutieface said...

LOVING the 70s flight attendant theme. Brilliant.

Midge said...

So jealous that you got to be at this show!

Marla said...

I like the pictures!

Chicago home security systems said...

Lovedddd the hair styles...more of those pink ones.

maryse said...

très belles photos !

amanda said...

i really, really love your blog :)

LPFashionPhilosophy said...

We really love your blog! All of these photos are so lovely!!!

Wardrobe Stylists, NYC


Luna S said...

incredible photos! x

my new post is here!

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