October 22, 2011

saturday - fur coat!

here are some pics of my new fur coat!! it's finally cold enough to wear it. my parents are visiting and so we've been trying a bunch of great food and desserts and doing some shopping. this week i have a few midterms then my parents and i are gonna go visit some friends in normandie next weekend :)


Anonymous said...

love love love the coat.

Sarah bosserman said...

That coat is SO BEAUTIFUL!
Enjoy the family visit! :)

EDYTA said...

I ♥ your outfit!

Kate said...

That is the perfect fur coat. Not too big!


Anonymous said...

Is it real or fake fur ?

Resty said...



leslie said...

not sure if it's real or not! the store owner couldn't tell either.
thanks everyone!

Mange Geek Aime said...

I'm french
J'adore votre blog, vous êtes magnifique !
Vous faites de très belles photo, vous êtes un exemple pour moi. Félicitation pour ce merveilleux blog !

Joel Salmon said...

I love the coat and the cake! Haha! Anyway, how was the parent's visit last year? Christmas is coming. Do you have a plan this coming season? Your coat is so pretty. I hope you're wearing that these days. Take care! :)


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