January 5, 2012

last photos of 2011

last week i met up with jeremy, who i work with at vogue (and who taught me everything there!) since he was in paris for holidays. we wandered through saint germain and along the seine all the way to concorde and had a great time. he just bought a canon 7D and a 50mm lens, which makes me want to pull out my 50mm more often now…
the boots i'm wearing are from heimstone, a little boutique in saint germain, and i've been wearing them almost daily since i got them. the cool thing is that the outer "collar" sort of thing is removable, so i can wear them just as sleek plain boots too.

photos by jeremy allen

APC jacket, American Apparel tee, Heimstone boots, Zara bag, Scarf from street vendor


Krissy ~ said...

these photos are gorgeous!
love your jacket, very androgynous like!
Krissy xoxo

Sarah Z said...

Fantastic pictures as usual.
Happy New Year : )

Camilla said...

these are amazing, your coat is brilliant.
I'm so envious you work at Vogue, and that you live in Paris!

xo Camilla

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Anonymous said...

the boots were actually the first thing that caught my attention and i love the detail of the removable collar. very unique.

dahlface said...

the top shot in paris is stunning x

Ana Magic y Andrea Rius said...

lovely pictures!

J. said...

You are who I want to be when I get older

Nic said...

you are beautiful! I love your blog so far :)

jeannejour said...

You are very pretty ! :) great shots from Paris (couple notes earlier )

Louderthandrums said...

Such beautiful photographs !
Your blog is amazing!

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