May 1, 2012

video - alex

a little video I shot of alex to add to her headshots that we did a while ago!

song: myth by beach house
Helmut Lang blazer, Acne coat, Alexander Wang tee, J Brand jeans, Barneys boots


cornerstate said...

She is really beautiful! Do you happen to know where her blazer and white tee are from? X

Nathalie said...

I agree! She seems to be nice optimistic person :)

Karina De Jesus said...

She's gorgeous and the video is so well shot! Good job! She's lucky to be a part of it! :)

Anonymous said...

Great video! What song is that?

Amanda said...

To Anonymous above, it's "Myth" by Beach House :)

That is such a lovely, lovely video, coupled with a great song.

Anonymous said...

Such a nice video! Alex reminds me of Michelle Trachtenberg!

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