August 7, 2013

lollapalooza 2013!

lollapalooza keeps getting better and better each year, no joke. lineup-wise, not really, but experience-wise, yes. sunday was the best day by far and phoenix's show was the perfect end to the weekend (longest crowd surfing I've ever seen). Alex & Keenan & I kicked it in the amazing samsung galaxy viewing area for hot chip, guards, wild belle, and a million other bands, and then cruised around to find street style for vogue. check out the whole slideshow on vogue here!

on me (bottom pic): rag & bone jeans, topshop boots & bracelet, eleven paris tee. fountain pic: toms sunglasses, topshop backpack.


Chandra said...

Really really beautiful photos. I hope to attend sometime.

feipeng wu said...

Thanks for sharing..
The photos are so beautiful..

White and Yellow

Alison Garnier said...

Yaaay ! I'm so happy you're finally posting an article with loads of photos! I was a little frustrated because lately, your articles only had 2 or 3 photos, and God knows I love them, especially here when there are so many well-dressed people in them! So keep going :D

Christian said...


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Beatriz Palma said...

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I will follow you too

Mustafa Kemal said...

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