January 16, 2011

new blog name!

i'm now le fur coat!
it's in honor of a fur coat i really want to get :) and i just like how it sounds.

ahhleslie is no more. it's been kind of confusing changing it with bloglovin and everything. it doesnt change over as easily as it should. oh well.

so i thought i'd let you know of the name change, and also you should follow lefurcoat on bloglovin! it's super easy. i just discovered it somehow. i was definitely out of the loop.

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Anna said...

No kidding right?! I changed my blog url too but bloglovin isn't picking that up. Could you tell me how you managed to do it?


leslie k said...

yeah it doesn't figure it out ever. it just goes by URL. i just have to start all over with bloglovin with the URL and switch everyone over to follow the new one. it sucks.

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