January 16, 2011


today is my day to get things done!

i started my internship at vogue this past week and it's going really well! i love it, and i have cool responsibilities that range from typical intern things like coffee runs and picking up & delivering packages, to actually having a say in things. like right now if you go to the site, i found and chose the red carpet photo at the top, and if you go to the aggregator page where it says all the new fashion news, i found the articles and wrote the little summaries :) i'll be working there 2 days a week, along with classes, which start next week!

i'm not enthused with the new vanity fair cover. i was hoping 2011 would be the year where j-biebs is no longer.
i started the day out with some coffee and oatmeal and now i'm gonna clean up my room and then go shopping! i have my eye on a fur coat in a thrift store in the village, but god knows how much it will cost. also i want some lace shorts. or knit shorts. we'll see. also i need a new purse. any suggestions on a good purse i should buy? right now i'm thinking alexander wang…

what i'm wearing:
sweater: urban1972.com
sunglasses: 80spurple.com
pants: topshop
shoes: aldo


KRISSI ▲ said...

beautiful pictures!!

BASIIK said...

Congratulations on your internship, that's awesome!


Anonymous said...

Which Alexander Wang?

leslie k said...


and i was thinking the coco duffel.

Midge said...

Congrats on the internship... That's awesome.

Also, tell them to call me. ;) Pshhht.

Antonia Serio said...

I like Vanity Fair too :D
Come into my blog if you want, you're welcome :)


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