June 6, 2011

monday - strawberry plant!

top & skirt from urban outfitters

today i bought a strawberry plant! and a tomato plant and a cucumber plant, and i'm going to grow them on my roof all summer :) hopefully it goes well. still organizing my apartment. photos soon. trying to finish it up today but i doubt that will happen.
i went on a little thrifting excursion to look for a cute wooden box thing to put my new plants in, but instead i found a great a-wang tee-dress at my new fav thrift store that alex showed me in the east village :)
back to work tomorrow!


s said...

Love the Tee ;D

Street Style: ANNA WINTOUR

Anna said...

I love that skirt!

RCagz said...

Great outfit, loving the colour of the skirt
And that was such a cool thrift! Love Alexander Wang xoxo

Cathy said...

good luck growing your plants ! I kill everything I try to grow lol

Blackswan said...

what lovely photos - i love the lighting of them, so refreshing! your red skirt is fantastic, hopefully you grow some nice red juicy strawberries with your new plant :)

x Lauren

Ilka said...

Very nice photos.
I want to have a roof where I can grow plants too..:(

Good luck with those plants. Strawberries - Yummie

kathleen said...

i must say, i adore your blog and all the photographs you take! :)


Camille S. said...

Really nice blog! :)
I love your skirt, the color is perfect!!

Anonymous said...

There's something about the act of buying strawberry plants in summer time. I do it every summer and it gives me this feeling of HOME and the feeling of growing my own little treats :) So lovely to see that you're sharing this passion <3


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