June 7, 2011


helmut lang shirt, thrifted shorts, rag & bone shoes, zara men bag.

started back up at work today! it was hectic with all the resort shows coming in but good to be back. it was also SO hot today. even at 9am when i was on my way to work i was sweating through my clothes. these next few days might be rough. i also forgot to water my garden this morning so it was super dry and sad when i got home! but there were actually a few strawberries for me to eat! and i watered it all and then it was okay :)
this bag is actually my friend drew's, whose place i'm subletting. i'm in need of a new black bag so i used it for the pic. i may go find a similar one now. i love the a-wang rocco duffle but that's a bit out of my price range right now… any recommendations for good big black bags to get?

song of the day: how deep is your love - beegees


Bec said...

really gorgeous. i like that it's so crisp in black and white. and tell me about it for the next few days, going to be hard!

Joy said...

Love how simple but so gorgeous and crisp everything is :)

Carissa said...

wow!! I couldn't believe I've just found out about your blog :D :D
I'm in love :D

Caroline Weiler said...

You look AMAZING ;)

Anonymous said...

love the outfit!
so stylish (:


Nita -Karoliina said...

Nice casual look.


Anonymous said...

Love it!
so casual and simple (:


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